a'damo/ (origin latin) to fall in love with...over and over again.​

About Us

We are hopeless romantics that believe in celebrating Life with a brave heart and powerful imagery. Based in Southern California, we’ve been traveling alongside the love of beautiful couples since 2008 and nothing is more powerful than being around those who feel beautiful.

Photography cast its spell upon on us with different methods. For Khai the camera made its introduction back in high school after listening to photographer speak on career day which lead to 4 years as a photojournalist shooting for multiple newspapers and publications. Then followed art school with several years of classes that stoked an ember of interest into the engulfing and indistinguishable passion that is today. Vanessa is a trained painter, so photography was a privilege of access as she continually borrowed Khai’s cameras and took classes as a hobby. Again followed art school with the discovery that strong photographic elements were present in the composition and tone of her work as a painter. Neither of us have strayed much from the medium since.

As a couple shooting together our work is the confluence of perspective and personality. Combining to conquer. Khai is an astute observer with a quick finger seeking out the magic of fleeting in-between moments and Vanessa employs her trained eye as a painter to create immense yet delicate compositions while pulling other artistic influences into frame.

The things we prize most in life remain simple; like cool crisp sheets on the bed and time spent alongside each other, which will forever be our place of safety. Yet of all the things we value, the most rewarding come from the priceless place of connecting with people. Be them long-time friends or new faces found along new adventures. Relationships are the architecture of our work and of Life’s great joys.

For us, the importance of the wedding day is bigger than just the celebration of love between two people, it marks the beginning of your family. So much of our love for weddings is driven by the emotional complexity present on the wedding day. From laughter and tears to the warm embraces and sweaty palms of anticipation, nowhere is there more emotional honesty with so many people in one place. When capturing your wedding day, we’re critical about composition and focused on details so the only thing you need to do is be present and play. Our approach is laid back to guide people subtly so everyone can relax and express themselves naturally, and that comfort means those magic in-between moments are captured with ease as they happen.

You have gone above and beyond to invest in this day; from the venue and decor, hair and makeup, to your dress and the logistics of getting all your loved ones in the same place. We truly value connecting with you to find out what is important on your wedding day and taking this time with you allows us to keep the quality of your photographs priority for the day. Just as every detail matters to you, they matter to us. Telling the story of your wedding day is a responsibility we don’t take lightly and it is our full intention to deliver photos that will be cherished for generations to come.

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