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There’s nothing like being completely surrounded by candy to make anyone feel like a kid. All the colors, different flavors and shapes offer endless possibilities to satisfy that sweet tooth. Meet Wynter & Ryan Marchi, owners of Sweets from Heaven who caters this candy excitement for birthdays, holidays and of course, weddings. We talked to them about their amazing personable service and how they deliver the best treats to their clients. Candy buffets are always a big hit, and these two work their magic to not only bring you delicious sweets, but a beautifully decorated spread to boost everyone’s excitement.

Q. Why should I have a candy buffet at my event?
At weddings, a candy buffet has been used in place of appetizers to allow guests something to enjoy during the cocktail hour while the wedding party is busy with photography. We also had requests to set up during the reception so guests could pick up a treat in lieu of a party favor when they left. We provide everything you need for the setup, from 100’s of sweets to choose from, to decor. We own a retail candy store so we have it covered! Having a candy buffet is fun and a creative way to add a little more flavor to an event, but having us do it for you, removes all the stress and saves you time for other important things you may want or have to do. We provide a service that can be expensive to do yourself especially if it’s a one time event. We remove the frustration of over spending and help simplify the amount of candy needed, and nothing is wasted.

Q. What makes your candy buffet’s stand out?
We pride ourselves on making sure that we take all of the clients ideas into consideration, allowing them to create the atmosphere they are looking for. We discuss the theme, color and style of the event and then we tailor all the candy choices to match it. If we don’t have the candy in store, we will order it. We also provide tables, linens, jars, custom labels, and an individualized creative design just for our clients. We will always work hard to make sure we provide exactly what they want want. As I stated, we already own a retail candy store, so having the quantity and availability of candy allows us to have almost unlimited options. This lets us sell the candy at a lower price, because we aren’t worried about left overs. Most candy needed for these events come in large quantities and the average person putting a candy buffet together could end up spending more on candy alone because of the quantity needed. Additionally, we provide the scoops, tongs, cello bags, and any personalized containers (per request) so that cost and detail is covered as well.

Q. What kinds of candy do you offer?
We offer the sweet, the sour, the savory as well as some chocolate favorites like pretzels and gummi bears. We don’t make any of the candy ourselves, but we do create custom variations of certain candies as well as specialty decorative candies. Kabobs – like it sounds, taking different candies and applying them to a kabob stick to create whatever is needed to coincide with the theme of the party or event.  For example, we make candy baby rattles, flowers, or even a Mickey Mouse shaped kabob. Another favorite for weddings is our sour belt cakes.  The cake is made of individually rolled sour belts to form a 4 tiered cake displayed on a glass cake stand with matching lid.  This is a creative way to display sour belts as opposed to displaying them in a jar.

Q. How much candy should I order?
This is really dependent on the number of guests attending the event or the client’s overall goal for the buffet (temporary/full-day/etc). This is something we discuss early on, but for weddings, we try to average about 0.35 lbs per guest and that is usually a good starting point.  This gives each guest at least the chance to taste a little of everything at the buffet. We also cater for larger parties or events where we will continually refill the candy as needed and the client pays for what is used.

Q. Can you accommodate for specific styles or themes?
Most definitely. We actually prefer that there be a style or theme as it helps us determine the best candies to use. Even though we offer a big selection of candy, not everyone likes every candy so the more we know about the event the easier it is to cater to it. As for the table itself, we can also provide a mock set up a day or so before the event to make sure everything is to the clients liking (if they choose to).

Q. Who sets the candy buffet up?
Sweets from Heaven ensures to deliver, set up, break down and pick up everything involved with the buffet, so there is no involvement of the client needed once they have purchased our services except to enjoy it. The length of time to have the buffet is something we agree upon and is different with each event. Regardless, we need about half an hour to set up and about the same to break down.

Q. What areas do you service?
Currently we are servicing Orange County (where our store is located), however we’re pretty flexible and willing to travel. We’d like to think there is always a way to make sure you have what you want at your event.

Q. Do you have any tips or advice?
. There is always a way to have candy at your party. Even if you decide not to have us cater it, you can always ask for help or for specific candy for your party or event. That is the beauty of having a store as well as our catered candy buffets. We can offer you plenty of options if you choose to hire our services, or if your creativity drives you to do it yourself, we are here to help too. Come and see what we have and you won’t be disappointed!

Q. What’s your favorite part of the job?
Being able to be creative with candy and then see the faces and reactions from our clients when they see how amazing the buffets can be. Every event is different and challenging and it’s that which makes it exciting!

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