Wedding day timeline

If there is one thing I would recommend every couple, despite their budget, their theme, or their wedding attire, is that they absolutely have a Day of Timeline. Think around 2 weeks before the have to finalize your order with the florist, you have to double check with the baker, you have to sit down and finalize the menu with the caterer, you have to email your shot list to your photographer, & more! What do you do to ease the headaches? You're going to write it down as a to do list so that you make sure nothing is missed and everything is taken care of for your wedding, right? So why wouldn't you do the same for yourself on the day of your wedding?

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How to care for your wedding dress

More often than not, we have encountered brides that treat their wedding dress very gingerly (not that you shouldn't!) but because of this behavior, many brides end up doing things that can damage a dress than help enhance it's appearance. So what we will discuss is how to properly care for your wedding dress, and make sure it looks perfect for when you walk down the isle--we don't want horror stories like in the last article!

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Wedding day emergency kit

Wedding Day Emergency Kit. Yes. We all want to believe deep down that IF our wedding is planned JUST RIGHT and down to a tee, that NOTHING will (or should) go wrong, right? Well, I don't want to start this blog and say that something will go wrong, but are you prepared for the what if situation? As photographers, we have seen a few situations where the bride and groom encounter just a few hiccups, to the "Oooooooh my goodness" situations. Here is a list of what you should make sure you absolutely include with you for every part of the day.

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Dress pressure! Remember, it’s what YOU want!

Dress pressure! It was a little hard for me to choose what to talk about first when starting this blog, but growing up in a family business in the industry of special occasion dresses, the topic became obvious...Family and friends that want you to pick that dress that you kinda-sorta-don't-really---like.

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