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If you’re anything like us we look for wedding inspiration from magazines, Pinterest, and the four corners of google, and if there is anything in common with any of them, it’s that they have great event designers. We met an amazing event stylist, Jenny Yi owner of Chloe + Mint, and she and her team carefully plan out designs that are unique and special to their clients. We were fortunate enough to plan a shoot with them, threw them a challenge and watched them flex their muscles and work their magic. We asked them to create a romantic setting inspired by the style and sophistication of the 20s brought to a California desert.

Q. Give us a little history about yourself and business.
A. Hi there! I’m Jenny and I am the founder of Chloe + Mint. I have worked in the event industry for quite some time now but started Chloe + Mint in December of 2013. Chloe + Mint is a special events and design company. We style and design engagement photo shoots, design weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events. We also do florals and prop design. And of course the planning and execution of the events.

Q. Where do you get your inspiration from?
A. I get my inspiration from everywhere! Being from an art background, I am attracted to colors and anything organic: flowers, landscapes, and beautiful architecture. But with that said, my inspiration mostly comes from the couple themselves. I am inspired by their story and our events really showcase their personalities the best way possible.

Q. Why should a bride consider an event planner?
You don’t want to stress about anything! Your special day should be to focus on spending time with your loved ones, enjoying the beautiful day meant for you! Also, it is good to have someone with experience you can bounce off ideas and guide the couple to working with the best vendors.

Q. What is the difference between a planner & event designer?
An event planner manages the logistics of your wedding: from booking vendors, managing your budget, coordinating the day of and the execution.
Event designer helps you with the design concepts: from overall theme down to the very last details.

Q. How soon should a bride hire you?
A. As soon as possible but some brides decide to DIY until a few months before the wedding and looks to book a Day of Coordinator.

Q. Can a bride hire you separately for designing or planning?
. Yes! Definitely so. However, by booking the planning with Chloe + Mint, we can also help with the design concepts and decor.

Q. Can you help a bride with destination weddings? 
A. Yes! Chloe + Mint can and loves to go on the road!

Q. Do you offer day of coordination?
. I do offer day of coordination. I feel that there are so many brides out there that do a lot of the planning and major design concepts on their own but decide they need assistance for the day of to oversea the wedding so that they don’t have to stress!

Q. Do you do everything yourself, or do you work with a team?
A. I have a team of talented assistants and interns! But brides will be working mostly with me.

Q. What do you enjoy most about your job?
You can’t be in the business and be successful without loving it! I enjoy being able to bring my expertise to designing and executing the perfect day. It is very rewarding to see it come to life where many people can enjoy the special day. 
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Have an amazing day, and remember to breathe.

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Jenny Yi, owner of Chloe + Mint
Special Events Planner
(323) 813-6468

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