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Being from California, it’s not strange to find so many different cultures, customs and cuisines–especially in Los Angeles. This is no different in the wedding industry with so many beautiful traditions from around the world. Take for example the Vietnamese wedding dress; the Áo dài (pronounced ow-yai) is a full length dress fitted over loose trousers, and traditionally worn with bright colors like royal blue, purple and red for weddings. We wanted to bring this bridal shoot to a location that could match this stunning dress–and where else but Frank Gehry’s elegantly designed Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA?  It’s nothing short of a breath taking scene.

Thank you for checking it out and we hope that we inspired you! 🙂

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Makeup Artist:
Jessica Johnston 

Myesha Howze, with Hair by Myesha
(714) 457-2330

Disney Concert Hall
111 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(323) 850-2000

Tu Tran

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