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Ask any invited guest to a wedding the one thing they look forward to, and almost always, the response is the booze (& of course, to party and celebrate the newly wed couple). This week we want to focus on the BEER! Delicious, wonderful beer. We spoke to Ting & Jeremy at Eagle Rock Brewery in Los Angeles about their craft beers and instantly became a fan. Their great beers paired with fun personalities make it easy for any couple to choose them.

Q. Tell us a little bit about how Eagle Rock Brewery started.
My husband Jeremy and his dad had started home brewing together when Jeremy was still in high school. They both got really into home brewing years later when Jeremy and I got a new house and it finally gave them an opportunity to do more brewing on a more regular basis. After I kicked them out of my kitchen, they took over our garage and it just kept on going. Once I realized that it was such a passion for the 2 of them, I had established a DBA for Jeremy one year as his birthday gift. And the insanity began….

Q. Why should a bride & groom go with a craft beer versus something off the shelf
bride/groom should opt for craft beer if they’re looking for quality and
flavor. I think the most distinguishing aspect of craft is how many
varieties of styles and flavor profiles there are available. Also,
because these are small hand-crafted batches of beer, a whole lot more
attention is paid to the quality of the product. The small production
means that there is a lot more attention paid to each ingredient that
goes into the making of the beer, thereby making the final product of
much higher quality

Q. Why is your beer the best choice?
We pay a whole lot of
attention to the quality of the products. We focus on the balance and drink-ability of the beers so that they’re very easy to drink and really
food-friendly. Lastly, we have a really broad range of styles so that
they can appeal to all palate preferences.

Q. What beer do you recommend?
Typically for weddings I recommend that 2 styles be on hand to hit a
broader range of preference. The styles would really depend on the
preference of the bride and groom. After all, the day is about them and
they should get what they like. Some people like to have a beer that
pairs well with each of their meal options, some just want easy drinking
beers that most people would be able to enjoy. That is to say that they
want beers that aren’t too over-the-top in bitterness or alcohol so
that even grandma or Uncle Bill who only drinks Bud Light will be able
to have a beer or two. For the brides/grooms who want more smaller
amounts of each style to get more variety, I usually recommend that they
do bottles. That way, any bottles that are left over are awesome
take-away gifts for the bridal party or family members.

Q. How much beer should I buy?
. The amount of beer to get depends on a number of things: how many
guests, whether there are other forms of adult beverages, if the bar is
hosted (guests tend to drink a lot more when they don’t have to pay a
bar tab), daytime v. evening wedding, and day of the week. I usually ask
these things before making a recommendation on the volume of beer to
order. My goal is to have just enough beer so that it doesn’t run out
before the end of the event, but that there isn’t a ton of it left over.
It’s not very cost-effective to waste beer AND it’s just a crying shame
to waste good beer anyway.

Q. Do you offer a catering service?
We do offer
catering service for weddings. That said, we’ve only got a tiny team so
it’s subject to availability of staffing. We also have worked closely
with a number of catering companies in the past where the food caterer
handles just purchases and pours the beer. It all depends on the budget
and vibe that the bride/groom are going for. We work with them on it to
make sure that they get the beers that they want at their wedding.

Q. What areas do you serve?
We serve primarily in the Los Angeles area for catering service. We
could potentially travel further, but we bill for travel time so it may
not be the most cost effective way of getting our beer. We’ve had
brides/grooms that have picked up kegs/cases from the brewery and taken
them to out of town weddings though, so that’s always an option as

Q. How far in advance should clients place their order?
As a rule of thumb, the further in
advance the better. We generally send all our inventory out to our
distributor, since our beers are at so many bars/restaurants throughout
Southern California. So unless reserved in advance, we can’t guarantee
that we’d have beers available for weddings/events. For beers only, we
can have any of our core styles of beer ready with 2-4 weeks notice. For
catering service, we can occasionally squeeze something in with 2-4
weeks notice, but since we get booked up quickly for all sorts of
events, availability is more likely with 2-3 months notice.

Q. What is something unique about your brewery?
Our brewery is unique in that it is the first craft brewery that opened
up within the city limits of Los Angeles in several decades. In this
way, I feel that we’ve been able to contribute to the growth of craft
beer in Los Angeles. We also promote a lot of beer education to continue
developing the craft beer culture in Los Angeles, including a monthly
beer education series, a quarterly homebrew demo, and a monthly Women’s
Beer Forum. At
each monthly forum, we will present a flight of 4 beers and host an
open discussion about the characteristics, style, and background of each
of the beers. The cost will generally be $10-$20 to cover the flight of
beer, a flight summary, and some QT with other beer-loving ladies –
which is the point of all of this. It’s a great way to sample new beers
that you may not have tried before, and to explore the multitude of
styles and flavors that are out there. It’s also a place that we can all
learn more about beer from each other and meet some new friends to
drink with!

Quick Tips: Wedding planning can be stressful at times… Make it fun by turning visits to potential vendors into fun date nights, especially for things like beer! Beer is fun so there’s no need to stress over it. Example: Come check out the brewery with a few friends to taste the beers and place your order. We were doing that while hunting for a venue for our wedding years ago and ended up making each venue visit a dinner date. It helped to take the edge off of the hunt and gave us an opportunity to reconnect, and have a few drinks together while eating dinner and some pretty cool spots.

Love what you see? Visit Eagle Rock Brewery and serve their beer for your event!
Eagle Rock Brewery
3056 Roswell St
Los Angeles, CA 90065

(323) 257-7866
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Have an amazing day, and remember to breathe.

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