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“Honey, what flowers should we use? Which wedding favor do you like best? What shade of green should our weddingcolorbefdagidhas3d6iashfjdsabjkfiaru8ehwj?!”
Fellas, if you’re getting ready to marry soon, you’re probably being asked a lot of questions like this and more often than not, you’re saying whatever you can to make your fiancé happy because at the end of the day, you just want to get married. However, a groom should never skip out on the details when it comes to their personal needs for the wedding day.
We interviewed owner Zach Lind from Ernie’s Barber Shop in Glendale, CA and the services they offer for the every day customer to the anxious groom. Zach’s grandfather, Ernie Lind opened his barber shop back in 1955 and has made the shop into a place for family and overall camaraderie. In our interview with Zach, it was very apparent that he not only demonstrates skill and a deep understanding of what he does, but has a genuine love for his profession as well. As a dedicated husband and father, Zach understands the importance of the wedding day and he makes it his business to assure that the groom will look sharp and ready to see his bride walk down that aisle.

Q. When should the groom get his haircut and shave before the wedding?
A. A lot of people don’t like the look of a “fresh” haircut. It’s good for guys to come in just a couple days before the wedding so that the hair has time to grow in a bit to the new hairstyle.

Q. What can a good haircut and shave do for a groom?
A. As mentioned before, I recommend that a haircut is done a few days before the wedding, and a fresh shave is always done the day of where the skin is left very clean, smooth, refreshed and picture perfect, you’ll look sharp and confident.

Q. What is a straight razor shave and how does it differ from a home shave?
A. Typically what happens is a guy will shave himself at home with an electric razor, but one just can’t get as close as with a straight razor shave. And then there are the guys who use the disposable Quatro-five-six or however many blades there are now razors…again, you can never get as close of a shave with those as you can with just one blade. We use the conventional straight razor shave and go through a process to bring them the ultimate perfect shave. If the hair is long, we will use an electric razor to trim it back as short as we can so when we do use the straight razor, we’re not pulling on the hair. Once that is done, we lay the customer back in the chair and begin to lather and massage the face to remove any dirt from the whiskers and pours and apply a hot towel. And we might repeat this process up to 2-3 times even before we begin the shave, just so that the skin and whiskers are ready to receive the straight blade. Once the shaving begins, we never shave against the grain–it’s either with the grain or across. If we were to go against it, it can cause irritation in the form of pimples, and ingrown hairs, which then will cause some trouble. When the shave is done, we apply a cold towel to close up the pores which will make the skin very tight, we then add powder and top it off with a bit of Bay Rum aftershave.

Q. How does someone find a good barber?

Word of mouth of past customers. Ask around and do some research of where there are good barbers who advertise straight razor shaves. Don’t go just anywhere for that specific shave; find that skilled hand. Same thing goes for his haircut. One wouldn’t take a groom’s suit to a seamstress, one would go with a tailor. So, a groom shouldn’t go to a beauty salon for his haircut for his big day, he should go to a barber shop.

Q. Have you seen any trends among grooms for haircuts?
The 50‘s- 60‘s Mad Men look is in right now. It’s a really short cut on the sides and a bit longer hair on the top that can be combed up in the front and over to one side. Of course, we will give him whatever look he wants.

Q. What’s your favorite part of being a barber?
Man, I love my job. I get to come in, hang out with cool people, and my grandfather everyday. I also play the guitar so I have my time to be creative and get that artistic release. Since I’ve been a barber, I have never gone to “work”. I hang out with awesome people, and at the end of the day they give me some money–how does it get better? I get to help people look good and feel good. And just like the bartender, I play therapist at times too and get to talk to them at their best and their worst and we’re overall here for the customers and we’re their listening ears. As long as I’ve been doing this, I’ve never worked a day in my life.

Q. Now,  just a quick detail but…can you talk about the magic tricks?
Hahaha! My grandfather, Ernie, has been doing magic tricks for about 25-30 years and he’s taught me some, but he’s the magician. If there’s a birthday or something like that with any of the customers in the shop then Ernie will entertain them, that is if there isn’t a haircut to perform first. It may not be something you find in other barber shops but it’s what makes ours just a little more special.

Love what you see? Check out Ernie’s Barber Shop for your next haircut!
1584 E Chevy Chase Drive
Glendale, CA 91206

Have an amazing day, and remember to breathe.

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