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More often than not, we have encountered brides that treat their wedding dress very gingerly (not that you shouldn’t!) but because of this behavior, many brides end up doing things that can damage a dress than help enhance it’s appearance. So what we will discuss is how to properly care for your wedding dress, and make sure it looks perfect for when you walk down the isle–we don’t want horror stories like in the last article!



It’s a custom to receive your dress up to 2-4 weeks before the wedding, to assure that the dress fits you perfectly. The dress is properly handled by the alteration department, and then handed off (usually) to the cleaners to give it a fresh petty coat fluff, if you will. Additionally, they are to ensure that the dress is pressed and free of any wrinkles.

1. Be sure that when you pick up the dress, open the bag and give your dress one last look before you take it home. Mistakes can happen, and maybe there are a few hard pressed wrinkles or perhaps there is a tiny stain that they missed. on’t ever fret, we’re all human and things like this can happen. Luckily, because they understand this is not just any dress, they’ll be very fast to correct their overlook and assure that your dress is perfect. Doing this before you go home with the dress, saves time and headaches for everyone.

1. Upon receiving your dress, it should come in it’s original bag with a zipper; if it doesn’t, then make sure that it is double bagged from the top and bottom of the dress (we gotta keep those creepy critters out & any possible sticky fingers).

2. Give your dress some space. When storing it away for the next 2-3 weeks before the wedding, make sure that the area isn’t cramming and forcing the dress to live in the corner of the closet. f course, your dress needs to be stored at a comfortable room temperature, and free of any physical pressure where it’s stored, so new wrinkles aren’t formed.

This is the dress of your dreams! It’s beautiful, it’s perfect, and you feel like a queen and hopefully a million bucks in this dress too.

3. Once the dress is stored safely and comfortably in your closet, resist the temptation of unzipping the bag over and over again to show your girlfriends, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, everyone how amazing your dress is. Not only do you run the risk of exposing it to potential stains, but also to unwanted odors. Scents from the kitchen travel so if someone is cooking fish, broccoli, garlic, or any other heavily scented food, you want to keep your dress protected to block out the odors. This goes for the laundry hamper with some smelly clothes too.

4. Resist the temptation of putting the dress on. Of course, it’s logical to put it on once it’s home for the first time to absolutely be sure that, yes! It fits like a glove! But try not to put it on again…and again…and again. I hear what you’re saying, “Yes, yes, so there’s no stains,” but it actually comes down to fit. Let’s examine a pair of jeans. We want to “break them in” so we wear them for a few days, wash them in the laundry and repeat the process until they have that desired relaxed and comfy fit, i.e. our favorite pair of jeans. But because you already have this dress altered and fitted to your body, and your body only, the comfortable part is (or should) already be considered. By putting on your dress over and over again, you’re stretching the fabric, bending the bones, and pulling on the seams. Of course, your dress should last for more than one day’s wear, but you want your dress to still retain that firmness it has for your first official day of wear–being the wedding. You want to make sure that it is going to hold you in, as well as *ahem* hold you up.

Beware of Iron
Ahh!!! You followed the above, and now it’s the day of you’re wedding, and you have a wrinkle on your dress! Bust out the iron!—WAIT—not just yet. Before we can get to this state, let’s do everything to minimize any potential hard creases.

5. If you’re getting ready at a hotel the day of your wedding, try to book it for the day before and spend the night. hen you arrive the night before, take your dress out of it’s bag, fluff your dress, and keep it hung in the closet with nothing else in there. Overnight, the dress will properly air out, and the wrinkles should come out, if not soften up. If the satin or fabric is of high quality, it should “iron itself” out and you should never have to iron it. Same rule goes for the veil. Never iron it. Place it next to your wedding dress the night before in the closet, and it should iron itself out too.

6. If in the morning the dress is still wrinkled, then proceed to iron it. Please keep a ZEN mindset while doing this, don’t let your nerves get the best of you and risk burning it. Be sure to give yourself some space and assistance when you do this. Place the iron on a low setting first, and slowly work the temperature up if you must. A lot of irons today have a setting for satin or delicate fabrics, but go a little cooler than that. Not all fabrics are equal, so again, don’t risk it. Experiment first! Try it on the back of the edge of the skirt first and then move to the wrinkle.

7. Once the dress is ironed out, put it back in the closet and continue to keep the dress hung. Don’t put it back in the bag because that will only cause a new wrinkle in the same area as it cools down. If you’re getting into your dress at the ceremony location, same rules still apply. et your dress air out and it’ll iron itself out throughout the day. If you’re getting ready at a relatives home or your own, you have the luxury to let your dress completely air and iron itself out in it’s own private room for the entire day (or two!) before the wedding. Just make sure those sticky fingers stay away.

Last minute emergency’s? Make sure to read the last blog post to know what you need to do in those “Holy Cow” situations. Be an informed bride and be ready for anything. You know your own situation best, so take these tips and try to apply them to your day as you see fit. 

Have an amazing day, and remember to breathe.

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