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During the hustle and bustle leading up to the big day, you get lost in the details and planning. It’s completely understandable to want everything under control, especially after you worked on it for months but don’t lose sight of the meaning. Your wedding day is a celebration of the two of you, so whether you go big or small it should undoubtably be an enjoyable day. Of course this should go without saying but when we asked couples what their favorite moment was, almost unanimously, the response was the first dance, “…because it was just the two of us.” Here are other things you could include to add more intimacy and fun for your day.

Have a Timeline
(LOL) Yes, intimacy and schedule don’t always go hand in hand, but if your including moments like the cake cutting, bouquet toss, speeches etc.; then you want to see it all laid out so room can be made for some alone time. It’s going to be an exciting day so you want to have those moments where you can just slow down and take it all in.

First Look
In anticipation of a busy day, more and more couples are breaking away from tradition and seeing each other before they meet at the alter. It’s a chance to see one another without an audience and calm each others nerves of excitement.

At Least 5 Minutes
If you choose not to have a first look, then give yourselves a moment to be alone after the ceremony to soak in what just happened. You just got married! (Insert giggles of joy now)

Enjoy a Cocktail
Just because you have a sweetheart table doesn’t mean you have to sit at it all day. Hang out at the bar and do a couple silly toasts with friends and laugh until it hurts! Just be sure not to drink too much too early—you have a long night of fun ahead!

After Party
If neither you or your guests are too tired, continue the party at someone’s house. Take advantage and make the night last! But, if you are too tired, it doesn’t mean you can’t all get together the following day for brunch. Nurture each other’s headaches with pancakes and club sandwiches.

Whatever you decide to do, you can always slow down. Enjoy the moment and feel your dress in your hands, savor your cake, and hear your guests laugh.

Have an amazing day and remember to breathe!

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