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We had the absolute pleasure of photographing Jamie & Jeff’s engagement session. There is so much love between these two, and we are so excited to show them off to the world. Help us congratulate them by showing them some love–they are truly a great couple. Check out their love story below and how Jamie said yes! Oh! & the little surprise at the very end…

Q. Describe your first date:
On our first date Jeff took me to my favorite Mexican restaurant and to see a Nicholas Sparks movie. I remember being so nervous that I could barely eat and didn’t even pay attention to the movie!

Q. Describe the engagement proposal. Did you see it coming?:
A. Jeff took me to his aunt’s beach house to celebrate our four-year anniversary. We spent the day just enjoying each others company. I thought that maybe this would be the day he would propose, however, we went to dinner, came back and lounged around and nothing. So I took a shower and was getting ready to go to bed when he told me he had something for me. With no makeup on and my hair a wet mess, he decided to propose! Jeff will tell you he wasn’t nervous, but I remember things a little differently. 😉

Q. What’s your favorite activity to do together?:
My favorite thing to do with Jeff is exercise, or anything physical. He always makes something I usually dread so much fun and pushes me to work my hardest. We always have the best time and laugh the hardest when we are being active together.
: Just hanging out and enjoying each others company, no matter what we’re doing, we always have a good time.

Q. A favorite anecdote about your fiance:
Our first date. Jeff was so nervous, and made such a great effort to make sure the date was special. I will always remember that night.
The night I proposed, I could tell Jamie had no idea what was coming and when she saw the ring, the look on her face was priceless.

Q. What is a little something about your fiance that you absolutely love?
No matter how bad of a day I have had he can always make me laugh. This makes staying mad at him hard too!
Him: Jamie cares so much about everyone around her. She has a ton of love in her heart and I am lucky to say that part of that love belongs to me.

Q. The thing I’m most looking forward to about being married:
Just being together. I’m very excited to say that I truly am marrying my best friend.
Him: I look forward to finally being able to call Jamie my wife.

& Here’s a little surprise for the happy couple! An engagement video to share with family and friends of the happy news!

Have an amazing day, and remember to breathe.

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