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It’s the day of your wedding and you have your dress, and you’re bridesmaids have theirs too. You all look amazing in your attire but now you have to complete the look with the perfect makeup. As photographers, we have met many wonderful vendors and Janay Sykes, owner of Love & Lashes in Riverside, CA, is an amazing professional Makeup Artist. We sat down with Janay and interviewed her about her craft and her emerging business. Check it out and look at her beautiful work as well.

Q. What can a professional Makeup Artist (MUA) do for a client?
A. A professional MUA can help one achieve looks that one might normally not be able to execute. Every bride wants to look flawless on her wedding day and a professional MUA is trained to have attention to detail when executing bridal makeup. Also, she should feel relaxed before walking down the aisle and although there will be a lot of things she might be thinking of, by hiring a professional MUA, her makeup will be one less thing to worry about.

Q. How does a bride pick the right MUA and what type of questons should she be asking?
A. I feel that picking the proper MUA is partially based off of talent but also based off of personality. If she is dealing with someone who is telling her what she will wear or what techniques will be performed rather than asking her what she is comfortable with, then there is a problem. Understandably, most bridal clients working knowledge of makeup is not going to be on the same level of the MUA, but a bride should feel completely relaxed and confident when dealing with their bridal MUA. A client shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions and of course, always ask for an MUA’s portfolio.

Q. How does pricing work?
A. Pricing for bridal makeup is $125 for a full face, lashes, brow shaping and a free trial run. Any additional person after the bride is $50. However, these quotes create more questions than answers, so a consultation is always encouraged to go over exactly what you want and need.

Q. How long does it take for makeup to be done?
A. Depending on how intricate the look is, it can range from 10 minutes to 45minutes for each person. Keep in mind that it is extremely important to have a trial run so the bride and I can be confident that she is going to look beautiful.

Q. What can the bride do ahead of time for you?
A. A perfectly clean face is key. However, it is always helpful too, that the bride let me know what she is doing to take care of her skin leading up to her date, because that can alter makeup choices. You don’t want to experiment and use too many harsh chemicals a few days before the wedding. Not all skin types are the same and one just doesn’t know how one’s skin will react to sudden changes.

Q. What makeup brand do you use?
A. I use several brands of makeup. For most brides I tend to use something thicker and photo friendly such as NARS or MAC but I also use BH Cosmetics for eyeshadow and Femi Cosmetics for other pigments as well. I recommend a bride to use liquid foundation just to even out the skin and a fine powder (over it) to set it. And of course, I always carry waterproof products to manage tears and sweat.

Q. What’s the hot trend right now?
A. I’ve seen many brides incorporate color more than ever before. Most brides tend to keep their eyes neutral or smokey but this year I’ve seen brides use brighter colors with even requests for a touch of glitter. Also, the Arabic eye, an eye with cut creases and very sharp eyeliner is in as well.

Q. What can a bride do to incorporate her own style into the makeup?
A. Getting married is a big deal, but it is an exciting and wonderful experience. A lot of times a bride can fall into traditional ways, (which is understandable) but don’t lose sight of the fun! If she has a big personality, I always tell them to not be afraid to use color, or go a little sexy, or even a clean modern look.

Q. Does a groom need makeup?
A. I see a few eyebrows raised, but yes, I would recommend it. The approach is very different for men than it is for women, but it would be a very light application to even out skin tones, and the big one, coverup any last minute pimples or zits! It happens more often than not. Also, makeup can be used for more than just the face; if he has a scar or birth mark that he wants to cover up, that can be arranged using specific products. Of course, it is always his choice.

Q. What’s your favorite part of being a Makeup Artist?
A. I absolutely love seeing the look on someone’s face when I’m done working my magic. Their excitement and satisfaction makes what I do all the better. But as much as I enjoy making someone feel better about themselves, the best part is the connection and overall friendship that is built with the bride and her party. Being able to be a part of the laughs, the tears of joy, and overall the most important day of their lives…wow, you just can’t beat that.

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Have an amazing day, and remember to breathe.

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