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Thanks to romantics found on YouTube, there is a lot of pressure for guys to come up with creative and memorable ways to pop the question. And with TV shows and the news constantly highlighting these “she said yes!” moments, it doesn’t relieve said pressure. Speaking of pressure, we were recently hired to photograph a marriage proposal with couple Jordan and Crystal. Needless to say, when all was said and done, she said YES! However, the moments leading up to the proposal served to be an adventure for the entire team. We don’t usually write personal stories like this one, but this was too funny for us to keep to ourselves.

We were called to meet at Indian Wells Golf Resort in Indian Wells, California and the proposal was to take place at Midnight. We arrived 1.5 hours early, and met with the manager. He then escorted us to the spot where we would set up, while he went back to the front to pick up the musicians for that night: a violinist and cello player.

It was pitch black with a full moon, 85 degrees of humid Indian Wells heat, and we were busy getting everything ready. We were positioning the chairs, the champagne, the lighting and our hiding spots. Suddenly, “PSSSSHHH!!!!”…holy cow, what was that?! (mind you, we were just warned about wild animals), but before we knew it, we were hit in all different angles by the sprinklers and got completely wet (not drenched, but pretty wet)! We thought we would be safe since we weren’t on the actual green, but man were we wrong. After we dragged everything far from the sprinklers, we were safe. The manager and the musicians arrived in the golf cart, and as we were having ourselves a good laugh, the sprinklers turned on again, and got us all that time. We quickly grabbed our things, threw them in the golf cart, and rode off into what seemed like a war zone of sprinklers.

We changed plans and went to a bridge over a pond with the moon well in sight. We all frantically set up and arranged everything perfectly and just in time for the manager to pick Jordan and Crystal at the front. As we were in position, we heard another sprinkler turn on and come our way. We watched it go half way over the pond, but luckily, no further. We all laughed and gave a huge sigh of relief–safe!

The rest of the night went without a hitch (as they say). She said yes, and cheers were in order. Congratulations to Jordan and Crystal on their engagement, and we wish the happy couple all the best!

Indian Wells Golf Resort | Home of Big Break Indian Wells
44-500 Indian Wells Lane
Indian Wells, CA 92210

Have an amazing day, and remember to breathe.