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If there is one element to make your wedding day even more beautiful, it would be the music. As the butterflies are fluttering away in you, your nerves are calmed as you hear your amazing entrance performed by this professional ensemble while making your way down the aisle. We interviewed Teresa Di Pierto, owner of Plays Well With Others, about her expertise as a professional musician and how her ensemble can add a classical touch to your day.

Q. Tell us about Plays Well With Others
A.  All of the Plays Well With Other musicians are professionally trained artists who work regularly in and around Southern California. You will see us at symphony concerts, in the pit at productions of musicals, backing up traveling performances (rock bands, ballets, operas etc.) and on televised musical programs.

Q. What does having musicians do for my wedding?
A. While it is certainly wonderful how easy iPods and smart phones make it for us to listen to music, the sensual dimension added by live performance is unique. Your guests will not only be able to hear beautiful music – music that you love and choose – but they will be able to watch that music be created. There is really no comparison.

Q. What type of music do you play?
A. Plays Well With Others is one of the few organizations specializing in strings who can offer to play any genre of music you choose. We love playing all genres of music; from Corelli to Coldplay.

Q. Do you take requests?
A. We LOVE requests and saying “yes, we can play Freebird or Vivaldi’s Spring” is so much easier now that we exclusively use iPads for our performances. Not only do we carry our whole library with us at all times, the music is organized such that finding that piece of music is a breeze! We’ve had some crazy fun times during preludes, cocktail hours and receptions keeping guests entertained. This also comes in handy when unexpected delays or glitches happen with wedding schedules! 

Q. Can you accompany singers?
A. We can! We just need to get the sheet music ahead of time or know the key the singer would like to perform in. We usually meet and run the music with them the day of the wedding before it begins.

Q. Can you perform outside?
A. Absolutely! Also, our iPads come in very handy: we can perform in wind (not so much fun with paper music and stands) and we can play in the dark as well. We do however, require proper shade in rainy conditions or extreme heat and sun to protect our instruments.

Q. Do you need a microphone and speakers?
A. It really depends on the venue and situation. In very large groups or venues, we sometimes suggest amplification and can provide our own for a nominal fee. However, if the right ensemble is chosen, the sound will carry and stringed instruments sound better live than amplified.

Q. How do I decide what ensemble I should book?
A. Again, venue and size of the event is the most important factor to consider when choosing an ensemble. An intimate, small wedding might do well with a string duo whereas, a big outdoor wedding usually begs for a larger group. We always work together with you to figure out what will work best.

Q. When do you usually play?
A. Couples typically like to have music playing as their guests arrive (we call that Prelude) and we often perform a different piece of music for the various parts of the ceremony, e.g., Seating of the parents, Bridesmaid’s entrance etc. You can choose to have special music during the ceremony – maybe to accompany a candle lighting or reading. After the ceremony is finished and you are ready to walk back down the aisle together we play a Recessional (we’ve done some wild ones!) and then maybe one or two songs as a Postlude. We of course are available for cocktail hours, receptions and dinners as well. Whatever works best for you! 

Q. How do I go about deciding music?
A. Couples seem to have different ways to figure this out. Some decide to make selections together. Many times, just one person is tasked with figuring it out. We can work with one or both of you to help make this easier. Often we can help by providing you with links to hear specific titles online. It’s hard to find music you don’t know the name of. No worries. We know the names! 

Q. Any tips for brides on their wedding day?
A. Eat, drink lots of water and relax. You’ve worked hard to organize this whole beautiful thing – now make sure to enjoy it! 

Q. Where can I hear more samples of your music?
A. You can listen to sound bites at our website. Our sister company’s website is also a good place to look: otherwisestrings.com

Love what you see? Visit Plays Well With Others and have them play at your event!
Teresa Di Pierto
Hemet, CA

Have an amazing day, and remember to breathe.

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