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f there is one thing that a bride should definitely be detailed about on her big day is the way she looks. No duh, right? However, there are many brides that think there is nothing wrong with going to any hairstylist to give them the perfect look that they want. However, a bride should get exactly what she wants and not something at the last minute that she would have to settle with. Meet hairstylist Crystal Rigby, owner of Rigby Hair Design from Newport Beach, CA. Adamo Imagery has known of this amazing talent for years. She has traveled all throughout Southern CA and has delivered beautiful designs ranging from sleek modern hairstyles, to couture looks seen down the fashion runway. We sat down with Crystal and asked her about her services and how she can make the bride and her party look stunning and complete. Check out her work and see the endless possibilities that she can deliver for you.

Q. What can a professional hairstylist do for a client?
A. There are many benefits of hiring a professional hairstylist over a friend or family member even if that person is a hairstylist as well. When a bride hires an outside professional, they are there to do their job and not be part of the event. That way her friends and family are able to emotionally be there for her that day, while she has someone else completely dedicated to making her look amazing.

The bride must remember, her friends and family want to be able to enjoy her happy day and not worry about doing someone’s hair.

Q. What can good hairstyle do for a bride?
A. A bride not completing her look with a great hairstyle is just….WOW! Not an option! (hahaha) She can have great makeup and a gorgeous dress but she needs amazing hair to complete the look…the same goes for makeup and your dress. All three complete each other.

Q. How does a bride pick the right hairstylist and what type of questions should she be asking?
A. Choosing the right hair stylist is important to the success of a bride’s overall look and her day in general. When a bride looks good, she feels good. Choosing a stylist means asking the right questions: Does she want the stylist to come to her or will she be going to the stylist? Does she want her hairstylist to stay throughout the day for touch-ups? Does she want her stylist to only do her hair or will the stylist be doing her wedding party’s hair as well? Does she use her regular stylist or does she hire someone else? When choosing, ALWAYS check out their portfolio and make sure that they have experience in wedding hairstyles.

Q. How does pricing work?
A. A few main things factor into the cost: travel, food, type of style, and number of people being styled. All pricing is discussed during the brides personal consultation with me.

Q. How important is it for the bride to have a trial run?
A. A trial is VERY important. It keeps the bride and the stylist on the same page. This is the time to discuss the likes and dislikes of the style she chooses. It also allows her to figure out if this style actually looks good and works on her. It also helps the stylist know how much time will be needed to complete her desired style.

Q. What can the bride do ahead of time for you?
A. A lot of people think that dirty hair is easier to style. THIS IS NOT ALWAYS TRUE! It is easier to make clean hair dirty than it is to make dirty hair clean. The bride should always arrive with clean, dry hair. If a stylist has to dry her hair too, this will interfere with the schedule and time management. Cut and coloring should be done at least two weeks to a week and a half prior to her wedding date. The bride should contact her stylist immediately if any drastic changes were made as this may result in the need of another trial appointment.

Q. What’s the hot trend right now? Any trends in wedding hair?
A. The great thing about weddings is that whether or not the bride is a trendy girl, it’s HER day and HER style. She should do what she wants and what she’s comfortable with. If she loves wearing her hair down and it makes her feel beautiful but up-dos are “In”…. WHO CARES! She should wear it down the way she wants it. If she is that risk taking, trend setting gal then she should go for it! Right now buns are very in along with side swept “up-dos” and big half up and half down up-dos…… but whatever she does, it should be what SHE wants!

Q. What can the bride do to incorporate her own style into the hairstyle?
A. Communicating the bride’s personal style with the hairstylist is essential for the success of her wedding do! PICTURES, PICTURES, PICTURES! She can explain what she wants all day but a stylist will always interpret what she is saying differently than how she sees it in her head. Use Pinterest, Instagram, Google, magazines, etc. anything to communicate your style.

Q. Any tips for the bride as her wedding day progresses?
A. STAY CALM! (hahaha) She should pack all of her wedding accessories ahead of time to be sure she won’t forget them.

Q. What’s your favorite part of being a Hairstylist?
A. When my work is complete and I look at my clients face and see that she is so happy; that is my favorite part of being a hairstylist! It makes my day that I helped make someone feel so good about themselves and best yet, on the most important day of her life.

Designate someone from your wedding party to take all your calls, questions, and concerns about the wedding. If your flowers are not showing up on time YOU should not have to worry about that while you are getting your hair and makeup done. Let someone else worry about that. This is your day. I personally do not allow people to interrupt my bride while I am styling her hair and I have never had a bride stress out or break down on me yet!

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Have an amazing day, and remember to breathe.

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