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We had the absolute pleasure of photographing Rob & Betty’s engagement session. They are a fun and down to earth couple and they made our job so easy! We are so excited to show you all the results! We visited the elegant Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, and the beautiful Getty Villa in Malibu. We had good ol’ California weather, and we enjoyed spending the day with them and sharing some laughs. Congratulations again to the happy couple and enjoy their love story.

Q. How did you two meet? 

We were matched up online. Rob was one of my first matches and I was pleasantly surprised to see that he had very similar interests. He started communicating with me and I was intrigued to learn more about Rob that we started emailing each other. We had found a lot of things in common and decided to meet in person.

Q. What’s the first thing you noticed about him/her? 

Her: Other than being really cute, I noticed that Rob was a very friendly and a talkative guy. He was super easy to talk to. I felt that I could just be open and comfortable around him.

Him:  I first noticed that Betty had beautiful and expressive eyes and that she just had a real warmth to her personality that really put me at ease.

Q. Describe your first date:

Our first date was at a safe, popular coffee shop since we were meeting each other in person for the first time.  You never know about meeting strangers online. It turned out to be a really great date and we ended up chatting for about 2 hours.

Q. Describe the engagement proposal. Did you see it coming? Were you nervous?:

Her: I told Rob that I wanted a date where I didn’t have to make any decisions about where we went or what we did. He surprised me by taking me to Descanso Gardens since I’ve never been there before. It was a fun filled day with lunch, a walking tour, wandering the gardens, and riding the Enchanted Railroad train.  After the train, we walked into the Rose Garden nearby and looked around. I spotted a bench under a large shady tree and suggested we sit down for a bit. He asks me if I wanted some water and hands me his backpack so I can pull out the water bottle. As I was looking for it, I suddenly hear Bruno Mars’ Marry Me playing on his phone and I looked up to see Rob on one knee asking me to marry him. All I could do was cry and say “oh my god!” about 20 times. Of course I squeezed in a “Yes!” in there somewhere.

Him:  The process of getting ready to proposing to Betty took several months.  I spent weeks researching and looking at rings and then had several secret trips to San Francisco, where I am from, to design a ring with a jeweler friend of my families.  I had quite a bit of trouble trying to figure out what location to do the proposal.  The obvious choice would have been a big trip to Napa that we were both looking forward to, but Betty asking me to plan a “date day” for her presented an earlier opportunity to surprise her.  I had a feeling she was expecting it to happen at the Napa trip so I jumped at planning a great “date day” for us.  I scouted several locations and finally settled on Descanso Gardens.  After a few secret trips there, I laid out 3-4 different locations as to where I would propose.  As you read above, Betty actually chose one of the spots I had pre-planned!  I was pretty nervous most of the day because I had a somewhat bulky ring box in my pocket and I kept making sure she walked on my right side so that she wouldn’t bump into it.  Once we got to the bench, I waited until we were alone and then put my plan in to action.  I asked her if she wanted some water, while she was distracted looking for the bottle, I grabbed the ring out of my pocket, hit play on my phone and got down on a knee.  Betty was a little confused for a second but once she saw me on a knee holding the ring box open she started to cry and just jumped towards me.

Q. What’s your favorite activity to do together?

We love going to Disneyland, browsing around Home Goods, eating out and over exploring.

Q. A favorite anecdote about your fiancé

Her: Rob says that he really doesn’t like karaoke but he tends to sing his heart out a lot when we’re alone.

Him: Betty claims to not be able to cook, but all her friends say she makes amazing Jell-O which I still haven’t tried yet.

Q. What is a little something about your fiancé that you absolutely love? 

Her: Rob’s laughter. It’s just so contagious that it makes me smile and laugh whenever I hear it.

Him:  Betty has an inner sweetness and warmth that just comes out of her.  Her heart radiates with love, generosity and kindness and I just love being in her aura.

Q. The thing I’m most looking forward to about being married:

Her: I’m looking forward to be his wife, just knowing that we have that extra special bond and commitment to each other. I’m also looking forward to starting a family and new traditions together. He’s going to be an awesome dad.

Him: I’m just really looking forward to being with each other forever.  We have so much fun together from traveling to just sitting on the couch watching TV together.  I really look forward to exploring the world with her and starting a family.

Congratulations again to Rob & Betty!

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