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Let’s talk about something that is a little tricky at times; alcohol. In the past, we always thought it was an all or nothing option, but over the years, we realized there are lots of ways to serve alcohol at your wedding, and still keep your guests happy! We want you to be aware of the options that you have so that you two can make the best decision for your wedding & have a happy wallet, too!

1.) Open Bar
This is everything from soft drinks, hard liquor, wine and beer that is served and paid for by you. The cost can definitely vary depending on how many guests you’re having. Each drink can average around $3-$4, and you have about 150 guests coming who will consume 3 drinks, you’re already paying around $1800 (on the high end). On top of that, you still need to account for the tax and gratuity. And be sure to ask if your venue’s open bar cost is including top shelf liquor, because if that is something that you want included, that may cost you a little more.

2.) Limited Bar
A limited bar serves only certain types of drinks. To reduce the cost of serving hard liquor, some couples only serve beer and wine to their guests. Other couples will serve beer and wine, and add a signature drink. This is an option a lot of couples go to because they feel like they can still provide for their guests and keep them happy, and yet still save money.

3.) Cash Bar
This means guests will have to pay for their own drinks during the reception. The bar is fully stocked and the guests can decide how much they want to spend on alcohol. This option is primarily for you as it increases your savings.

4.) Bring Your Own Beverage
Instead of relying on the venue to provide the alcohol, you can purchase any and all the alcohol of your choice. A bartender is still suggested to serve the alcohol, but you’ll still have control of the amount. Some couples want a beer only wedding, so sometimes it’s cheaper to invest in a couple of kegs and you’ll have a variety of styles.

No matter which option you go for, your guests will have fun because they’re there to celebrate the two of you. Do what is going to make you feel comfortable and not what others are expecting you to do.

****Quick Tips****

*Have a list of nearby hotels guests can stay at.

*Have the number of a Taxi service available.

*Hold off the bar until it’s time to dance.

*Be careful how much you consume early on in the wedding day (especially on an empty stomach).

*Have a bar tender- they’ll be able to cut people off if they have consumed too much, and they’ll assure that minors aren’t served.

Have an amazing day and remember to breathe.

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