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Something borrowed, blue, old and NEW! The best way to play with this fun wedding tradition is with jewelry. Jewelry to a wedding outfit after all is the cherry on top of a sundae. We stumbled upon Susan Delvecchio, owner and creator from Susi D. Jewelry, and her beautiful pieces. She is a fun and down to earth person with a loving family, and yet meticulous and professional with her clients and their jewelry. After seeing more of her pieces we knew that brides would definitely find something, especially with the sets designed as gifts for the bridesmaids! Susan invited us to her studio to see where all the tiny fun happens, and shared with us the beginnings of Susi D. Jewelry.

Q. Tell us about yourself and & how Susi D. Jewelry started.
A. Upon arriving in the United States from Germany, I developed a friendship with a high-end jewelry designer and tagged along on his shopping trips to stone suppliers, diamond dealers and estate auctions. I was immediately fascinated by the designs of the vintage jewelry pieces he acquired and the vast array of brilliantly colored stones available. But I soon realized that such magnificent pieces were all high end and outside of an average woman’s price range. So I decided to create my own jewelry line that would still employ precious and semi precious stones and metals, but at an affordable price.

Q. Where do you get your inspiration from?
I always carry a sketchbook with me. Later on I put together “inspiration boards” with photos and sketches, that look like big collages. The boards continue to grow over time and when I start on a new collection, I just pick a board and go from there.

Q. What materials do you use?
I love working with precious and semi-precious stones. With all the colors and shapes available it never gets boring. I try to go to gem-shows as often as possible to discover new stones and cuts and get inspiration.


Q. Can a bride create a custom order?
Yes, all pieces can be customized and made to the brides specification. I can even take color swatches and pictures of dresses to match the jewelry to the overall look of the wedding.

Q. Can you recommend a piece that would look best with certain necklines?
First I asked the bride to decide if she wants the focus on the earrings or the necklace, since I believe only one should be large and eye catching and the other should compliment. Accent a V-neck with a drop pearl necklace, a lariat, a Y-necklace or a solitaire pendant. Accessorize strapless and off-the-shoulder necklines with a necklace that remains close to the neck. Add elegant sophistication with a short strand of pearls. For a sweetheart neckline I would recommend a drop pendant necklace as well. If the dress has a square and very straight neckline, soften it up with a curved choker or necklace close to the neck. If you are going with a halter dress, I would opt for earrings instead since nothing is worse than the necklace turning all day because it gets caught in the halter strap.

Q. What’s your most popular piece?
My most popular piece is the bow bracelet which comes on a card personalized with the bridesmaids name and the quote “Thank you for helping me tie the knot”. Wrapped in a beautiful box with a blue ribbon it makes the perfect gift for the bridal party.

Q. How soon in advance should I order my jewelry?
As the planning of weddings can get stressful especially at the end, I would not wait until the last minute. Once you have your wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses, start looking for jewelry. Starting early will also give you enough time in case you want to have jewelry and / or packaging personalized and custom made.

Q. Why should a bride consider one of your accessories for her big day?
I love working with brides and I understand how crazy the wedding process can be. I take my time to work with each bride via email and phone to make sure that everything gets done the right way. The bride can send me color swatches to match stones or I can send jewelry samples she can take dress shopping or just to see what it would look like. The pictures you will have from your wedding day are something you will cherish your whole life and want to make sure that the jewelry matches and is everything the bride envisioned.

Q. What is one thing about your business that you take pride in?
We are a small tight knit team working in my studio in Los Angeles. I take pride in being able to provide high quality jewelry made right here in the US with attention to detail and the help of the bride.

Q. Any advice for brides?
Go with your gut 🙂 It is a day for you and your partner, make it yours. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should do, hey after all, they can have their own wedding.

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Susan Delvecchio, owner and creator from Susi D. Jewelry
Etsy Shop
Los Angeles, CA

Have an amazing day, and remember to breathe.

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