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Happy 4th of July everyone! Today marks 237 years since the adoption of our Declaration of Independence, and how do we celebrate this joyous day? With a day off from work, BBQ-ing with family and lighting up the night’s sky with colorful fireworks! It’s a great day indeed.

So today we thought it would be perfect to talk about the two things that this day and weddings have in common-SPARKLERS! Undoubtedly everyone has encountered a gorgeous photo or two of the happy couple making their exit. These moments are always so much fun as they make for amazing photographs. However, there are other ways a couple can make their exit that doesn’t involve fire, and can still make for fantastic candid photography. We listed our top choices of what you can do for your exit! Wait–you’re not going to have an exit? No matter! After the “I do” kiss, make your walk down the isle together as your opportunity to use one of these suggestions.

1) Rose Pedals
You can never go wrong with rose pedals on your wedding. The fun part with this one is that you can purchase them as the accent color of your wedding or the traditional white (and the least likely color to stain when crushed), and give everyone a large handful to toss in your direction. The best part with this one and most others listed, is the fact that their hands are going to be high above their heads and large grins across their faces.

2) Rosemary & Sage
These two options together make for a wonderfully scented pair. Perfect for outdoor weddings, but undoubtedly can be used indoor. Typically why a couple would lean towards this pairing is for it’s symbolism. Rosemary represents loyalty and Sage is for strength. And if you’re outside, the cleanup isn’t necessary…right? (Hahaha, PLEASE check with your venue!)

3) Confetti
For this one, you should definitely check with your venue if this cleanup would be included, if not extra, on your big day. This is great if you want a lot of color added to your images. As was suggested earlier, different colored rose pedals stain when crushed so the next best alternative would be confetti! Much cheaper in price and there is plenty of it! The weight of the paper is much lighter than the pedal so the way it drifts down to the floor is slower, which gives your photographer more opportunities to capture the best moments!

4) Sparklers
This wouldn’t be an article about send-offs if sparklers were not on the list! This has been a huge and popular option as it makes for beautiful photographs with mini explosions happening around you as you embrace for a kiss. Unlike other send-off traditions, this one doesn’t really have a significance. People do this simply because it’s really cool, and looks really awesome. Just be sure that your guests keep their sparklers high, you don’t want those getting close to your hair or veil!

5) Glow Sticks
You like the sparkler idea, but you’re not allowed to do it–glow sticks! Sure, it’s not quite the explosive action on a stick that you would’ve ideally wanted, but glow sticks are more than just a chemical reaction in a 5 inch tube now. A quick search online and you can find a range of sizes and go from the traditional glow stick to LED foam sticks. They’re fun for the send-off and, why not, the dancing at the reception too.

6) Ribbon Wands
Another popular and clean option is the ribbon wand as they are very easy to make and relatively inexpensive. A quick tip–make these in a light color if not white, so there is more contrast in the photograph. It makes for better pictures and you can rest assured knowing that.

7) Balloon Release
This one can be a little tricky, so you and your photographer have to be synched and ready for this one. This is a one time set up! Also, depending on which party supply you go to, balloons can range in expense, so if you go with this option, the timing has to be there to make it all worth it in the end.

8) Silly String
If clean up expenses are paid for, then go for this awesome and fun option! It would be an extra fun way for everyone to go back to their kid days and go crazy with this inexpensive product. *Be very careful with silly string and open flames. This is a flammable product.

9) Bubbles
If you want the ultimate of cleanup free options, bubbles are also a great choice! And out in the bubble world, there is more than just the single bubble wand. Now there are hand held toys that produce hundreds of bubbles in a few seconds!

10) Rice
We can’t forget the most traditional of practices. Rice is still very much an option for weddings, but many venues sadly don’t allow this particular tradition for two reasons…People think that if you throw rice, that the little birds would not only eat it, but basically explode because it swelled up in their little stomachs. WRONG. Sorry to say that so bluntly, but this is an urban legend. A quick search and you can read why. But, the other reason why venues banned the particular practice is the potential for accidents. A hard floor with tiny hard grains all over, is asking for someone to slip and fall. So again, if you must use this tradition, reserve this for an outdoor ceremony on the grass.

All these send-offs are fun and make for fantastic photography, but be sure to double check with your venue to see what they allow and the cost for a clean up crew. And as always, keep your photographer updated with your choices so they can be ready for the perfect shot.

Have an amazing day, and remember to breathe.

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