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Ah, the presents–there’s so many things to ask for and so many different choices to consider! You hope to receive that favorite blender, or that really nice bottle of wine, but there is some etiquette to planning a wedding registry that you and your loved one should know before making your lists.

1. Do Multiple Registries
With the vast beauty of online shopping, there are guests (and even a high tech friend or two) who still find it convenient (or enjoyable) to go to a store and purchase gifts from your registry. So still include your favorite online exclusive shop, but include a department store as well for those who aren’t as computer savvy.

2. Don’t List Expensive Items ONLY
This is common courtesy; you don’t want to be invited to a party and be expected to drop at least $300 for a present to get in the door. So, include items that are reasonably priced to accommodate all budgets.

3. Do Your Registry Early
As soon as loved ones know of your engagement and the coming wedding, they’ll be searching for your gift registry (well…at least we would! :D). You can have it done early on, and as the time goes by leading up to the wedding, you can always add more items as you think of them. And of course, for the sake of your sanity, it will be one thing less to worry about.

4. Don’t Forget to Mention the Registry
So this one can be a bit tricky sometimes. It’s suggested here and there that the registry shouldn’t be included in wedding invitations, but we’d like to think that it’s OK if you do mention it, and it’s almost expected. But, let’s give those other suggestions the benefit of the doubt, so we recommend you be selective.

With technology as it stands today, almost everyone is going to have a website so be sure to include registries with links there. Because of which, the invitation doesn’t need a separate sheet with a bullet list of the different registries, but a mention of where guests can find it. And if you know your Great Aunt Wilma is more on the traditional side and will see your mention as a “rude” gesture, then simply skip the extra paper from her invite and your folks will spread the word later.

5. Do Traditional Gifts
Speaking of traditions, include traditional gifts. If you two live together then you probably won’t need the blender or the coffee maker, but you can always list items that can be upgraded. And like my sister says, “You can never have too many towels.”

6. Don’t be Too Tech Heavy
There are so many new tech toys and gadgets that seem great (& expensive!), but be careful to list items like this because before you know it, a new & improved version just came out!

7. Do Non-Traditional Gifts 
As mentioned before, there are gifts that you don’t need, so include gifts that reflect specific activities you like to do together. Let’s say you’re avid readers, you can list interesting books to furniture and decorations to build a great reading nook in your home.

8. Don’t List Inappropriate Items
Just a friendly reminder, but don’t include gifts like lingerie or ridiculously expensive items.

9. Do Include Special Occasion Gifts
If you like to host for the holidays, you’ll need the essential serving dishes: tray warmers, punch bowls, turkey dish & more!  Although this falls under traditional gifts, we thought it deserved an honorable mention.

10. Last but Not Least….Asking For MONEY!
This is definitely a big concern. Notice how we didn’t include a “Do” or “Don’t” with this one because in some cultures, money is the way to go, and in others the mere thought is extremely rude. But you two know your families and friends best, so think about these suggestions and go with your best judgment.

If you ask for money, you’re guests are going to want to know for what. You can ask your guests to contribute money for the Honeymoon, First Home Fund, Home Remodeling, a general Fun Fund, etc.

Collecting can be done with a collection box at the wedding reception, or done online where guests can give the amount they wish. There are many secure websites that serve as a collection host, but be sure to double check the fees and service charge.

If you want to give your guests another option that is still a money gift, opt for Gift Cards/Visa Gift Cards. Select only the department stores you feel can still contribute to your ultimate goal. Keep it simple by picking only 1-2 department stores for the gift card option.

Just remember to be polite and gracious no matter what. Your guest’s love and attendance is the biggest gift of all.

*Don’t forget to send out Thank You cards to your guest very soon after your wedding! Check out our past article on the “How To” here!

Have an amazing day and remember to breathe.

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