Welcome back!

Holy cow! Your wedding day is almost here and you have so much left to do: finalize the dinner menu, give the DJ your music selection, do one last fitting of your dress, pick up your grooms suit, and so much more! But don’t worry, it’ll all be handled, and the wedding day will soon come and pass. However, there is one small, and yet very important detail that you must remember to perform at the very end of it all…”Thank You” cards.

Typically when ordering the “save the date” and invitation stationary, you should include the “thank you” cards too. I hear what you might be saying, “I’ll do a Facebook blast.” No. Forgive us for saying it, but you’re inviting people to a wedding, and not a halloween party where an informal text or Facebook message would suffice. All your guests, including those who will be traveling far, or sending gifts even if they couldn’t attend, deserve the courtesy of a written note. You always want to be grateful to your guests and show that you appreciate their presence (& presents), and the last thing you want to appear is rude.

A day or two after the fairy dust has settled from your wedding day bliss, be sure to have a copy of your wedding guest list to indicate who gifted you what. This list will help you write your thank you’s much faster and you’ll be sure you didn’t miss a single person or gift.

Don’t worry, you’re not writing each person a novel. Fortunately, thank you cards can be short and simple. Something like,

“Thank you for the coffee-maker! We can’t wait to start using it. & Thank you so much for celebrating such a wonderful day with us.”

Sweet, to the point and everyone is happy! Just keep in mind that “thank you” cards are typically sent out around 1-2 months after the wedding. And if you had a long guest list, it’s recommended that you write the cards over a few days. We don’t think you should try and whip these out in one night especially if you had 150+ guests. But, like they say, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

*Tip: If it’s not in the budget to have custom cards made, you can always buy inexpensive ones in many discount and department stores. Although we’re surrounded by technology and different social media outlets, a mailed, hand written note still carries a lot of weight, and shows that you care and appreciate them.

Have an amazing day, and remember to breathe.