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Usually when we’re shooting weddings, we have our go-to outfit that is stylish and yet flexible in case we have to crawl behind the bushes if it means it’ll get us the perfect shot (LOL)! But for a nice change of things, Khai and I are going to be guests to a wedding! Our really good friends are tying the knot and we can’t wait to celebrate with them! And yet we thought….”What the heck are we gonna wear?”

Where can we find ideas for quick and great outfits? Oh ya, Pinterest! We absolutely love Pinterest and we created two boards for wedding guest outfits! Hopefully, everyone should know that if you’re going to a “Black Tie” wedding, you’re not going to be wearing jeans (& vice versa!). But if you’re just not quite sure what to wear, we created these boards 🙂 There are so many different style choices and looks that you’ll definitely find something for yourself. These are just some images and ideas that we have pinned on the Women’s Fashion board.

For the ladies, there are different outfits for wedding guests to consider and even looks that the bride can use for her engagement session! & Below are some images of what can be found on our Men’s Fashion board. & Same as the ladies board, there are outfits for wedding guests, engagement sessions, and suits for the big day!

Hopefully you like our boards and the styles that we selected! We’re constantly pinning so give us a follow and don’t forget to scope out our other boards for helpful tips and wedding ideas! Check out our past article too about color swatches we created for your big day!

****Quick Tip****

*Your guests are going to want to know what the dress code is, so if you want to give them a visual idea, you can always link them from your wedding website to a Pinterest board!

Have an amazing day and remember to breathe!

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